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Easy-ruble – a financial system based on the principle of cash flow distribution. Funds of participants who invested later are distributed among participants who invested earlier. The project Easy-ruble– This is a functioning site on the principle of a financial pyramid. Anyone over 18 years old can participate. The essence of the program is simple and lies in the fact that today you helped, and tomorrow they will help you. Everything is very simple and accessible even to a beginner. Our project does not present you with any requirements and conditions. All you need to do is arrange a new investment and wait 30 minutes. After this time you will receive your deposit + 30%. 

This is what it says on website:

Your investment will be automatically transferred to the wallet that you indicated at registration. Referral interest is transferred after the contribution of your referral in the automatic mode. You need to understand how the system works and not to forget about the risks in the investment market! Yes, there is a minimal chance that you will not receive a payment, so we highly recommend investing only those amounts

Supported Coins

Perfectmoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.



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Support Email

Their support email is: [email protected]

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Their telephone no is none.

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Their office address is none.

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